Facebook-20150801-092039Welcome to my little blog about this tiny blueberry of a planet we call home. My name is Joshua, and I’m humbled that you’ve chosen to take time out your day to read my blog. Our tiny world can ironically seem vast and discombobulating given the copious amounts of conflicting information, ideas, dogmas, and persuasions we encounter when trying to inform ourselves. That in the midst of such an immense ocean you have chosen to give ear to some of my often ethereal ramblings is indeed humbling!

My miniscule bluebrary, as I refer to my little library world, frequently revolves around conversant intersections of the human dialogue whether it be libraries, literature, adult education, instructional theory and design, human information behavior, or Curious George—one of my favorite series about getting into trouble. Librarians are experts at tinkering and consistently finding themselves in trouble, and I am no exception! Actually, I feel like Pinocchio desperately wanting to be a real librarian as I am in my last semester of my MLIS. Any positive vibes and encouragements are welcome! If you would like to see my CV, please click here.

Even so, I hope that my blog will offer you, my reader, some new avenues of thought, engagement, and exploration of this issues that permeate the human information experience on this globular fruit called Earth. At the end of the day, if any of the ideas, concepts, or questions I present here cultivate a conversant environment in such a tension-filled world I’ll be happy! Have fun!

Joshua Salmans

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